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At PubTrawlr, we don't aim to replace the joy and inspiration of research. We simply want to make it easier to sort through and stay on top of the literature. We offer a number of products to help you with that.

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Consistent research has shown that there can be up to a 17-year gap between when something is published in the scientific literature and when the public at large actually uses it. Not only that, only 14% of published articles filter down to the people who can benefit from them.

This huge gap creates many cascading consequences. Students may not be getting the most up-to-date information in their classes and studies. Commercial industries may not have an awareness of the current developments (and opportunities) in their field. And most importantly, patients are potentially not getting the best treatments available because medical professionals don't know they exist

But why? Reading journal articles can be difficult. Many people don't have full access to what journals have to offer. And, synthesizing research can be a long, trying process even for people who can access it.

PubTrawlr is a web-based application that collects, organizes, analyzes, summarizes, and recommends published studies. For a given search topic, it generates user-friendly charts & graphs, along with targeted article recommendations.

To accomplish this, PubTrawlr leverages advances in artificial intelligence to more effectively and efficiently process results. We talk more about our methods in this open-access article.

5335 Days of Implementation Science

We offer three services currently individual and organizational accounts. Our open search synthesizes the peer-reviewed literature on any scientific topic and is available at both free and premium subscription levels. The Premium Search pulls many more articles (potentially into the thousands) and implements more sophisticated algorithms to summarize the text.

example data graph
example data graph
example data graph
example data graph

101 days of science is an e-magazine that presents a regular, curated synthesis of emerging trends in specific fields. So people who want to stay on top of bipolar disorder treatment or occupational therapy research can get the most up-to-date information, sorted and summarized.

example data graph
example data graph

We also take on commissioned projects for specialized needs. Reach out to us at projects@pubtrawlr.com for more information.

The Trawlr

Just type in your search terms and get results back. Easy!

This application comes in three tiers:

The Basic Tier. Get the latest overview and an article sampling on your chosen topic. It’s free, it’s open. Have fun!

The Account Tier. By registering with PubTrawlr, you can save your results and access previous searches whenever you please. This can help you monitor your work over time. Registration includes free access to Safe Harbor, our forum for discussing articles with peers.

The Premium Tier. We pull out all the stops here. In addition to retrieving many more articles (in the thousands), PubTrawlr computes your results using more robust clustering and summarization to give you a much more targeted overview ofyour search terms. We offer this as a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. Simple and straightforward.

101 Days of Science

Scientific articles are being published all the time, but we can help put all the literature together. 101 Days of Science is a series of electronic magazines that we send out to help keep people updated on what’s been published. We collect all the articles on your topic from a curated list of journals, along with some expert commentary. This way, we can help quickly organize and summarize the latest trends for you.

Right now, we offer 101's for implementation science, evaluation, and community psychology. We're working on others too! If you'd like us to design a custom 101, reach out to us at projects@pubtrawlr.com.

Special Projects

Looking for something more specific (or more general)? We can help. Just reach out to us at projects@pubtrawlr.com.

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